Feb 25 - Bishop Carroll Day of Recognition

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This year we are celebrating Bishop Carroll High School's 50th Anniversary.  In this celebration, we would like to recognize our namesake, Bishop Francis Patrick Carroll.


Francis Patrick Carroll was born in Toronto, Ontario July 7, 1890. He was ordained in Toronto June 2, 1917. He was a scholar and was listed as one of Canada’s greatest orators in 1948. Pope Pius XII honoured him with the appointment as Assistant to the Pontifical Throne. This position carries with it the dignity of being a Papal Count. Bishop Carroll was adopted by the Blackfoot People and given the name "White Eagle".

Bishop Carroll attended St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. He then attended St. Augustine’s’ Seminary and was ordained in Toronto June 1, 1917. For twelve years he taught at St. Augustine’s Seminary as professor of Scripture and then went to Jerusalem to study at the Dominican Biblical School. When he returned to St. Augustine’s he was appointed Rector (president) of St. Augustine’s Seminary.

Bishop Carroll was consecrated Bishop of Calgary February 19, 1935. Under his guidance the diocese experienced great growth. Fifty new churches were built and because he had a cautious approach to finance and administration the churches were paid for within a short period of time. Bishop Carroll insisted that a parish raised a substantial capital reserve before permission to build the church was granted.

He devoted efforts to address the spiritual needs of the diocese. Bishop Carroll invited several religious orders to fill those spiritual needs. Among the orders that accepted his invitation were: Franciscans who offer retreats at their retreat centre in Cochrane; the Sisters of St. Elizabeth; the Sisters Adores of the Precious Blood; the Brothers of Lourdes; and the Pallotine Fathers.

His scholarly background was evident in his many scholarly sermons and addresses. In 1948, he was listed among the greatest orators in Canada in an article in the Toronto Saturday Night.

His devoted service to the church and the community was recognized in many ways. However, there were two significant events; Pope Pius XII appointed Bishop Carroll as Assistant to the Pontifical Throne that carries with it the dignity of being a Papal Count, as well he was adopted by the Blackfoot People and given the name "White Eagle". Both of these events show the respect and admiration that Bishop Carroll had achieved through his work and service to the Church and her people. Bishop Carroll retired in 1966 and died February 25, 1967.