Principal's Messages

Bishop Carroll High School – Learning … the Way It is Meant to Be!

Welcome to Bishop Carroll – where the individual learning needs of each student are respected and supported through personalized, self-directed programming and where our catholic faith permeates the school – in word and in action.

You are entering a period in life in which you will be seeking to demonstrate your ability to make wise choices about your learning. Bishop Carroll offers such a program in which you are provided with greater responsibility and accountability as it relates to school. Each day, you are called to make choices with support from your Teacher Advisor, the adult at Bishop Carroll who will support you, advocate for you and with whom you will have a positive, working relationship. With your Teacher Advisor's help you will set goals, track your progress and grow in your ability to interact in an adult world.

Bishop Carroll honours and dignifies each student's preferred method of learning and at a pace that provides you with success. As we transition from the information age to the conceptual age 21st century learners require a variety of means through which they learn, and subsequently, share that knowledge. The digital media that exists today recognizes that learning never stops; the astute Bishop Carroll student can progress in their learning before and after the school day and beyond the 10-month school calendar.

Our wireless environment encourages you to bring-your-own-device to assist and support your learning. Core courses (Religion, English, Math, Social Studies and the Sciences) are complemented by award-winning fine arts programs, diverse Health and Fitness activities, strong competitive athletic teams and career and technology courses that teem with opportunities in visual arts, communications, construction and robotics. International languages and world travel in several subject areas prepare you with a historical experience coupled with a better understanding of our global economy.

The face of learning is continuously evolving and so too are students and graduates of Bishop Carroll. Each is better prepared for these changes as they have shown initiative through self-directed learning, have achieved success through mastery of outcomes, and know how to prioritize by building and refining time management skills.

We are excited to offer you this program in a Catholic, faith-filled environment and eager for you to demonstrate your independence and maturity, as an individual and as a learner, as you journey through the high school years. Scroll through our alumni tab to see those who have achieved success in many ways, with the support of a personalized, self-directed learning model.

Come and join us at Bishop Carroll High School!

Mrs. Cheryl McInnes