Registration for 2022-23

Any student interested in learning more about Bishop Carroll's self-directed learning program should check out our Virtual Open House, or sign up for one of our Guided Tours.

Students who are currently attending a Calgary Catholic Jr. High School, and have not already registered through their Jr. High Guidance Counsellor, may complete the form below.  After the form is completed, please scan and return it to along with scans of the requested documents.

Students not currently attending a Calgary Catholic Jr. High School will complete an application form.  Forms are posted below, and can be scanned and returned to

The 2022-23 Course Catalogue is available in here.

Information on registering for our hockey program can be found here.  The hockey application is in addition to the usual forms for the school.

Current CCSD High School Students

Students currently registered at another Calgary Catholic High School but desiring a transfer to Bishop Carroll need to follow these steps:

1. Bishop Carroll is a school of choice and is designed with a self-directed approach to learning. Students and families should familiarize themselves with our school and program prior to considering transferring to Bishop Carroll High School.

2. After you have researched our school and decided it is a good fit for your learning style, please contact our school for more information and determination of your acceptance.

3. Once you have been accepted to Bishop Carroll, students will need to let their current CCSD high school know their intent to transfer and we will support them with this transfer. Your current high school will need to send a transfer request form to Bishop Carroll to formalize and finalize the transfer process.

All Students Born Outside of Canada

Students who are born outside of Canada register through the St. John Reception Centre. It is located at 15-12 Street NW and the phone number is 403-500-2007. Students whose first language is not English may be required to complete an English language proficiency assessment. District interpreter services for this appointment are available upon request at no cost to the family. To book an appointment please call 403-500-2007.

Understanding School Attendance Areas

The Calgary Catholic School District has designated boundaries for all schools. CCSD uses boundaries strategically to ensure optimal student populations that support viable programming across the district. It is the expectation that students will attend their designated school. Please be aware that school attendance boundaries can and do change to accommodate factors including changing demographic information, the opening or closing of a school, to relieve overcrowding in schools, etc.

Bishop Carroll High School is a program of choice school therefore, we do not have any designated boundaries within the Calgary Catholic School District.

We encourage parents and guardians who are considering a move to a new residence to review the designated attendance area for Catholic Schools in that community. All Calgary Catholic schools have attendance areas which identify the schools in each community where students are eligible to register. Students are expected to attend the designated school for their community unless they decide to register at a program of choice school such as French Immersion, or Fine Arts. For a list of programs, please click here. For these schools there are mandatory transportation costs based on residence of the family attending.